Look cool or Dye Trying

Beautiful isn’t imitating , it’s being your own badass self and letting that flag fly high.

We like to bring that out, daring you to be the self you always wanted to be.


A gender-neutral, Paul Mitchell hair studio celebrating free spirits and historical motorcycle culture.

At Ride or Dye Studio, we are dedicated to providing high-end, affordable, next-level hair and grooming services that are unique to every guest and their lifestyle in an inclusive atmosphere. What makes us different? We are laser focused on providing the best hair services. We don’t do nails, facials or massages, while those services are great, we choose to leave those services to others that focus on that. 100% of our focus is hair. We live, breathe and train to give our clients the best hair in town.

Ride or Dye Studio offers both a style and moto boutique experience. Our studio provides our guests with an opportunity to shop for vintage and modern moto culture items. To ensure you the highest quality service once you’re in the chair, our stylists continually pursue advanced training with specific focus on cutting-edge women’s and men’s hair and grooming techniques along with timeless traditional services.

We utilize and stock Paul Mitchell professional styling and grooming products. Come in and experience what our talented and friendly team has to offer.


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The Ride or Dye Hair Stylist Coalition


Jonny Galindo, Owner / Master stylist

Jonny grew up in San Diego where he developed a love for the west coast culture: the music; choppers, the fashion, really the entire creative community. When he moved to Las Vegas he joined a band and quickly became not only the guitar player but the band’s hair stylist. He thought, “I should do this for a living.”

After earning his license, he went to work as an assistant at the award winning, Electric Chair Salon in Las Vegas where he continued on as a stylist for the next four years. He trained under some of the west coast’s most influential master stylists including one of the founders of “The Core”, Paul Mitchell’s principles of technique, geometry and body position through adaptive methods of cutting and freehand cutting. He was able to learn much and had many opportunities to do things like hair shows, fashion shows and photo shoots.

Jonny is a trained and certified Master Stylist with Paul Mitchell. Education is very important to him. He has attended over 80 Paul Mitchell hands-on training classes. His focus is on consistency and keeping current on trends and techniques help him push his limits and provide better services for his guests. He specializes in cuts, color and extensions. Come in for a complimentary consultation so he can discuss what he can do for you.

Jenna Stahel

Jenna Stahel, Senior Stylist

Jenna her second degree at the The Paul Mitchell School in Green Bay after gaining her bachelors degree in business administration from UW Stevens Point. Both creative and analytical, she gets to the heart of any situation and brings that to her chair. She rocks out dimensional coloring and inspires people to change their image and gain their inner confidence. Jenna is always willing to give personalized consultations and will create the "new you" you always wanted to be.